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About Us

Hello! We are the brand of designer clothes from Belarus, and on this page we want to tell you a little about ourselves.

About Us

We have existed for three years and at the moment we have our own sewing and printing manufacture. The manufacture is located in Gomel, Belarus. It’s our hometown and we really want to develop our business here.

This year we started to ship our products all over the world.

Our advantages:

We develop our own unique print design, all our fonts are completely copyrighted and cannot be downloaded or bought, this makes our clothes completely unique.

Our team consist of qualified tailors and we closely monitor the quality of our products.

We initially decided to choose only the best fabrics for our products, because we want our brand to be associated with quality.

We sew and print all our products for each individual order, so that you can be sure that the thing was sewn especially for you and no one even tried it on before you.

Our dream is to make production completely waste-free, and we are working hard on this.

We value our customers very much, and we try to stay in touch almost 24 hours so that you always get feedback on time.

Thank you for choosing us!

Local sewing production.

We do everything ourselves. And this allows us closely control the quality of our products.

Local printing production.

We built a full-stack production to to control every order and avoid overproduction. This makes our business sustainable and ecological.

We minimize inventory and pay attention to waste disposal.

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Worldwide Shipping. The average delivery time is about 2-3 weeks after produce.


All the products make to order. Processing time is about one week.


Returns and exchanges are possible within 30 days from the date of receipt of the order.