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About Us

Hello! On this page we want to tell you a little about us.

About Us

Something Special brand existed from 2018. This year we started to sell our products all over the world.

Our advantages:

We develop our own unique print design, all our fonts are completely copyrighted and cannot be downloaded or bought, this makes our clothes completely unique.

We decided to make production completely waste-free, and because of this every item is printed for each individual order.

We value our customers very much, and we try to stay in touch almost 24 hours so that you always get feedback on time.

Thank you for choosing us!

Production sites are located all around the globe.

We are located in Warsaw, PL, however the production sites, which print our tees are located all around the globe which allows for a relatively quick world-wide delivery.

Fast order processing.

Every item is made to order and produced with the help of our printing partners using direct to garment method. The average processing time is around 2-3 business days.

Our designs are unique, created, edited or drawn by Marie Smth.

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